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Buy Sour Moonrocks Online, Moonrocks are the latest in outlandish cannabis novelty products — but unlike
many others, these resin-heavy treats pack a serious punch.

Created by rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak, Moonrocks are sizable cannabis buds
that have been soaked in concentrated hash oil and then rolled in kief.

And although Moonrocks can be made from buds of virtually any strain, sativa
favorite Sour Diesel contains enough psychoactive potency and acrid flavor to
shine through the thick layers of concentrate and kief involved in this

Although shaped roughly like raw cannabis flowers, Sour Moonrocks may be almost
unrecognizable to frequent smokers. The nuggets are bright green thanks to their
thorough coating of resin.

Sour Moonrocks are also heavier than even the densest, most solid indica buds,
due to their coagulated combination of plant matter, oil, and kief.

Unfortunately for connoisseurs of aromatic profiles, very little of Sour D’s signature
pungency comes through on initial inspection.Sour Moonrocks for Sale Online

Rather than breaking these well-crafted rocks up with a grinder, consumers should
carefully break off small pieces at a time — preferably with a pair of slim, sturdy
tweezers, so as to rub off as little precious kief as possible.

Similarly, consumers should enjoy pieces of moonrock in a piece with a deep and
sturdy bowl; a hash pipe would work particularly well.

Sour Moonrocks burns slowly, thanks to its wealth of combustible material. Its
flavor is a meld of Sour Diesel’s skunky, chemical taste and some distinctly rich,
incense-like notes courtesy of the concentrated hash oil.

The high from this delicacy is strong and multi-dimensional. Those lucky enough to
have tried it report a strong cerebral edge, thanks to Sour Diesel’s predominantly
sativa genetics.

The addition of hash oil and kief, however, lend a palpable body high as well, liable
to keep smokers pinned in place while still mentally engaged.

It is of use to both recreational and medical users, thanks to its
combination of mental and physical effects.

It can be a mind-expanding and psychedelic experience, as well as a numbing and
therapeutic high.

Truly the ‘turducken’ of cannabis products, Sour Moonrocks offers both visual
interest and dynamic effects.

Although it is currently only available for sale in select California facilities, the
intrepid smoker can create a DIY version of Sour Moonrocks armed with some bud
of Sour Diesel.

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hp (228grams), OZ (28 grams), p (454grams), qp (114grams)


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