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Frosted Cakes Jungleboys is one of the jungleboys strains which is highly loved by its people ( LA California ) , its a cross between Strawberry Short Cake and Jungle Cake which are both straong and potent Jungleboys Strains cultivated and nutured by Los Angeles Framers but processed by Jungleboys it self.

Completely flushed with icy trichomes, the buds express light green coloration with dark purple hues throughout.

Frosted Cake Jungleboys maintains a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Effects come on heavily, leaving you completely relaxed with a good night’s sleep soon to follow.

After more then a decade of cannabis cultivation, the only thing that has changed is the facility we cultivate in.

As true-bred Los Angeles farmers, the Jungle Boys have been growing clean, highquality flower since the early 2000s with recent expansion into extracts and rosin.


To explore and refine cannabis through artisanal practices that respect and honor the plant. Through this simple method, we are able to provide our patients with medicine they deserve and can enjoy.

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hp (228grams), OZ (28 grams), p (454grams), qp (114grams)

1 review for Frosted Cakes Jungleboys

  1. 3 out of 5

    Kevin Hannah

    Honestly I was really satisfied with the buzz at first but then realized it died quite quickly.

    Then a few days after it seemed stronger then before, even with it being purple I still fond it wasn’t strong enough to be considered AAA.

    With that being said the nug was still beautiful.

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